I Don’t Like to Read

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I don’t like to read. I hate reading novels because they are always so long and really boring. They also never make sense because I might accidentally skip a line or read a sentence again. I do love graphic novels though, even though they can be long, they have pictures. Another reason I like graphic novels is because the words are spaced out unlike novels. Novels would be so much better if they were shorter and more spaced out. I also hate finding the right book. There are barely any good books. The only chapter books I read because I wanted to are books like Diary of a Wimpy Kid because they have pictures every other page or so and there is actually space to read the words.

The only time I like novels is when someone is reading them out loud and it has to be a good one too. Even when I’m reading a book that I like, I still get bored. I will find a book that looks cool and then I flip through it and put it right back. I  have some novels in my house that I started reading and then I get bored really fast because I have a short attention span. There are novels for little children that have words that are spaced out and look kind of good but I should be reading at a 6th grade level or at least 5th grade level. I hope soon I will find the perfect novel for me to read, until then I will just keep reading until I find it.

Window or Mirror?



Window or Mirror?

I finished reading The Hunger Games book just a few days ago. The Hunger Games is more of a window book for me.  A window book is a book that you don’t really relate to but you can still enjoy the story. This book felt like a window book for me because Katniss, the main character, is much older than me. Katniss, her sister Prim, and her mother are very poor and can’t even afford bread.

In this book Katniss gets chosen to fight to the death with some kids from all over the country. I can’t relate to this story because in this book they have to illegally sell food or hunt for it when we can just go to the grocery store. I also don’t watch people die for fun. Overall, I really liked The Hunger Games and I think you should read it too and see if it’s a window or a mirror for you

Day In The Life Of My Dog Ace

Day In The Life Of My Dog Ace

The first thing my dog does in the morning is bark until he wakes up my parents and sometimes he will even wake me up too. Once my dad is downstairs he takes Ace either on a walk or just goes in our yard. Then he and our other dog Hermione eat their food. Ace just basically inhales his food. He just had surgery so he spends lots of time in his crate which includes napping. Also because of his surgery he spends time on walks helping heal his leg by getting it stronger.

He has a wide selection of toys for him to play with so he and Hermione spend about an hour chewing on toys. He and Hermione both love to bark at delivery drivers and we get two deliveries a day usually so they have a lot of fun with that. By then it’s time for him to go on another walk but my dad is not home so my mom takes him on a walk. After his walk he likes to take long naps. When he wakes up my dad and I are usually getting home. Before we eat dinner I feed Ace and Hermione. After we all eat dinner we all lie down on the couch and watch a movie or a show. After an hour or so we say good night to Hermione and put Ace in his crate, then we all go up to bed.

Camp Kirkwood

The 6th grade headed to Camp Kirkwood on a Wednesday. We were on a bus with about forty kids for two hours without any entertainment. Sounds fun. We got there on a very rainy day. I bet that has nothing to do with the fact that we were in the middle of a hurricane. As soon as we got there I knew we were going to have fun.

Zip line

My most favorite part of camp was the zipline. I loved the zipline. It was really freaky getting on the platform because it kept shaking and moving. The thing about the platform is you have to climb a big rope net and my feet kept getting stuck in the net. Once I got to the first platform I was pretty freaked out that I was much higher than I anticipated. After I was on the first platform I was hooked on to a rope so I wouldn’t fall. And after that I was hooked on to another rope but this time there was a rope net around a small platform with a ladder attached to it. I started to climb the ladder, all I’m going to say is someone told me don’t look down and well… I did and I couldn’t go back now. I’m on a shaking platform, crying, not knowing how high up I was. Once I was up on the second platform, still shaking and still crying, I was hooked on to a rope so I would not fall. Once the other child who was ziplining with me was up on the platform, we were unhooked and hooked on to the zipline. I was excited but scared at the same time. I was having trouble lifting up my feet but when I finally did it was so much fun!

V swing

The v swing was really fun but also terrifying. The v swing is this thing where you get strapped into a harness and hooked it to two ropes. One is the one you swing with and the other pulls you up. You can go as high as you want but there is a height limit so really you can’t. The height limit is really high. It feels like you are 1,793 feet high. Once you are as high as you want to go you pull a little rope and hold on. When I went I went the height limit and that was a mistake. But once I got a little lower I had so much fun!

Later Friday afternoon we had to leave. I was sad but I did miss my family and my bed. On the bus ride back I thought of all of the memories I made there. Camp Kirkwood was so much fun. I loved it there!


6th Grade

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